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What We Do Well


  • A PROFESSIONAL and reliable service based on comprehensive knowledge and experience in the pipeline rehabilitation industry
  • PIPELINE INSPECTION, ASSESSMENT and delivering the solution. All-Patch installation of structural point repairs – particularly useful and cost effective where excavation from above is not accessible and when the majority of the pipe is structurally sound – 100mm up to 600mm
  • PIPELINE CONSULTANTS – recommending the most economical and best engineering solution. Installation of full structural liners Cured in Place – Pipe range of 100mm up to 300mm in diameter
  • ADVANCED COLOUR CCTV CAMERA INSPECTION survey unit used to view the condition of the existing drain, and if applicable, ascertain where blockages have occurred and their cause
  • EXCAVATION to renew and replace defective pipelines and chambers where renovation is not suitable
  • PLOT LINE LOCATION and drain depths using Sonde scanner built into the camera inspection head – useful for updating records
  • RENOVATION of defective pipes using ‘No Dig’ Technology – structurally repair the main drain and adjoining house connection by using an ‘All Patch’ Top Hat Seal around the lateral junction. This will prevent infiltration and potential root ingress
  • USING advanced ‘Radio detection’ equipment to identify and locate underground services in conjunction with the use of ‘One Calls’ and ‘Dial before you Dig’ information. Preventing unwanted incidents


“We ensure all relevant safety equipment is available and used in accordance with the safety equipment guidelines AS 2865-2009″


OHS & Confined Space Entry


ServicesUSING TRENCHLESS RENOVATION SYSTEMS means that the majority of our site operations are undertaken at surface level. This immediately reduces risks associated with performing dig down operations and Confined Space Entry.


Where the requirements arises for Confined Space Entry, we ensure that all the relevant safety equipment is available on site and is used in accordance with the Safety Equipment Guidelines AS 2865-2009. We ensure that our site personnel are qualified in Confined Space Entry if entry is required, and are familiar with their tasks to enable them to perform work safely and reduce related risk.


Risk assessments are carried out prior to contract work commencing and the site personnel are briefed on specific risks that have been identified on site and the relevant control measures implemented.