Confined Spaces Unit

Allpipe Technologies is a business that ‘Provides the Pipeline Solution’ having the most up-to-date Trenchless Technology equipment and the added bonus of a wealth of experience in this specialised sector. This allows a project delivery you can trust.

Tight, confined spaces are nothing new to the team at Allpipe Technologies. In our 25 plus years of experience, we’ve encountered many such situations. Examples of these areas include pits, tanks and drains, although there are many others. Our team is trained and certified in Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice for Confined Spaces, as well as the WHS Act and Regulations.

Why Are Confined Space Techniques and Practices Needed?

Our team utilises confined space techniques and practices to deliver a number of important benefits to our clients. These techniques and practices allow your team members to physically inspect sewer lines and stormwater drains, as well as cleaning pipes, tanks and drums. It also allows full inspection of drainage systems. Moreover, relying on official techniques ensures that our team is able to achieve these goals safely, while also ensuring the safety and integrity of the work site.

What Do Our Team Members Do in Confined Spaces?

Once our team members have safely gained access to a confined space, they may be responsible for a number of duties, including:

  • Operating CCTV equipment or other remote-sensing equipment
  • Conducting visual inspections of the environment
  • Physical clean up or other remediation methods
  • Removal of debris, obstructions and other blockages

Remote Tools

In addition to fully trained and certified team members, Allpipe Technologies also offers access to a suite of remote tools, including CCTV units, high-pressure jetting equipment, drain and pipe cleaning tools, and a great deal more. Whatever the situation, we have a solution to fit.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our confined spaces unit, as well as our other capabilities. You can reach us at (08) 6305 0864.