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Clever Scan Chamber Inspections

Clever Scan

Fully integrated with WinCAN VX

The Allpipe Technologies Clever Scan provides you with the most precise information to determine what condition the manhole is in. It captures visual and dimensional data, and presents the user with three powerful deliverables:

  • A flat scan with detailed image data covering every inch of the manhole wall
  • A dense point cloud for 3D visualization of the manhole structure and easy CAD integration
  • A virtual view inside the manhole, where an Operator can pan, tilt and zoom to areas of interest


Clever Scan’s five HD cameras and powerful illumination system allow it to build a detailed image scan and capture video.

The scan presents high-resolution detail from every square millimetre of a manhole wall and allows an analyst to quickly scan for structural defects, infiltration and unmapped features.

The scan can also be annotated and measured using a host of tools within Clever Scan software, and Win Can’s Clever Scan module allows us to create detailed reports.



  • Fully automated system scans manholes with the press of a Reports QA Office controlled.
  • Range-finder senses depth of manhole to control probe
  • Four laser scanners generate dense point cloud for 3D
  • Accelerometers allow software to compensate for torsional and pendular
  • Strobing LEDs ensure bright, evenly lit image
  • Five HD cameras capture high-res image data that’s stitched together into a single scan.

Geometry detail

Clever Scan’s array of four lasers capture the Geometry of the manhole into a high-resolution point cloud.

This geometry is ideal for performing capacity studies, taking measurements for rehab projects assessing erosion and populating CAD models.

Point cloud data is exportable in a variety of common formats and can be viewed directly in the Clever Scan software and Win Can’s Clever Scan module

Further investigate structural defects

The point cloud view shows the points used to draw the mesh structure during post – processing, the user can move the point cloud up and down, backwards and forwards and rotate it on its vertical axis.

It is vital that utility companies and public works surveyors have access to crucial information about sewer and stormwater manhole structures. At Allpipe Technologies, we offer manhole inspection services that harness advanced remote CCTV technology to identify manhole defects and ensure accurate, timely repairs are possible.

Common Manhole Defects

During our 25+ years in the industry, we have encountered a very wide range of manhole defects. Some of the more common defects include the following:

  • Root growth
  • Damage to the manhole frame/wall
  • Damage to the manhole cover/lid
  • Damage to the manhole neck
  • Damage to the manhole ladder
  • Channel blockages

Our Manhole Inspection Service

We utilise CCTV units to provide a clear picture of the damage to or problems with the manhole in question. Our remote system ensures zero man entry and complete safety, yet fosters improved accuracy in reporting, identifying and even recording information about the problem in question. Our inspection system allows us to identify the depth, elevation and type of problem in question. It also provides video or photographic documentation for enhanced remediation planning capabilities. We utilise the WinCan chamber reporting module, which allows you to determine the next steps to take with detailed in-depth information.

Our Manhole Inspection Guarantee

We guarantee that our manhole inspection service is timely, efficient and fast, allowing the problem to be identified and remedied very quickly. Our goal is to save you time and money, while fostering better stability and less downtime due to manhole repairs.

We invite you to contact us today to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our range of services. You can reach us on (08) 6305 0864.