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Blockage inspection and blocked drains:
A thorough and efficient inspection of a suspected blockage of a pipe, drain, etc done by AllPipe with whatever equipment they deem useful for the job for the blockage to be removed.

Borehole inspection:
The inspection of a borehole, usually within the well-drilling, natural gas, mining, and energy sectors, with a 360-degree camera to observe current conditions or to identify potential issues.

CCTV Pipe Inspection:
CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) Pipe Inspection involves the inspection of pipes and drains as narrow as 70mm using robotic camera equipment controlled by a skilled CCTV qualified operator. These inspections are used to identify problems such as cracks, breaks and blockages.

Drain Cleaning:
The elimination of waste such as griot, sludge, tree roots, litter, sediment and semi-solid slurries from drain pipes using a variety of methods such as high-pressure water jetting and vacuum trucks.

Epros Pipe Repair:
A trenchless pipe repair method using specially designed fibreglass mats impregnated with a strong resin to repair damaged pipes. This method is suitable for repairing gravity sewer pipes and pressurised pipes due to its ability to handle extreme temperatures and pressures.

High Pressure Water Jetting:
The high pressure water jets allow for fast and efficient cleaning of pipes as you can use the jets from one side of the pipe to the other and it doesn’t cause damage to the pipe itself.

Inclination Reports:
A review of the inclination or angle, or incline, of a pipe.

Pipe and Cable Locating:
In order for a house to be built or construction to be started pipes and cables that are underground must be located in order for them not to be damaged due to construction which AllPipe provides with its pipe and cable locating.

Pipe Condition Inspections:
Allpipe will come over and look at your pipes and with their equipment find out whether your pipes are in good condition or if they need to be replaced or repaired.

Push Camera Inspections:
Inspections of pipe and drains of all sizes using a flexible, compact camera equipped with location sensing technology and the ability to be maneuvered around tight, acute and 90-degree bends.

Trenchless Pipe Repair:
A method of accessing and repairing pipes without having to damage or disturb the surrounding environment. Can also be referred to as ‘no dig’ pipe repairs.

UV Cured Pipeline Relining:
A trenchless pipe repair method involving UV light to cure a new liner onto the inside of the damaged pipe.

State of the art software that helps us product accurate and in-depth condition reports. It automates a lot of the reporting process, allowing us to efficiently product reports in standards-compliant format.