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Blockage Inspections & Blocked Drains

Pipe blockages and blocked drains arise for an incredibly wide range of reasons, but that, ultimately, inspecting, identifying and then clearing those blockages quickly and efficiently is vital to our clients being able to conduct business as usual. Our blockage inspections harness the power of advanced technology, as well as our in-depth experience to ensure a swift resolution and accurate remediation steps.

Our High-Resolution Pipe Blockage Inspections

The first step in a swift, accurate remediation of piping problems is an accurate identification of the problem. Our high-resolution pipe blockage inspection service allows us to identify the type of blockage in question, as well as the extent of the problem. Based on this information, you can decide what must be done and take action immediately, saving time, money and headaches.

Our Blockage Inspections Technology

Underpinning our ability to quickly and accurately identify the reason for a pipe blockage is our inspection technology. We rely on high-resolution CCTV systems that are capable of being used in pipes ranging from 50 mm to two metres and larger in diameter. Our cameras are equipped with sondes that allow us to locate the exact depth and location of the blockage from ground level, meaning there is no need for trenches.

All blockages and defects identified in the inspection can be marked on the ground, photographed, or recorded and saved to DVD. We also offer precision high-pressure water jetting to eliminate blockages, as well as line vacuuming to remove debris.

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