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Trenchless ‘No Dig’ Repairs

At Allpipe Technologies, we employ rehabilitation methods and trenchless, ‘no dig’ pipe repair in Perth to ensure minimal impact on the environment and surrounding area and minimal disruption to services.

Traditional pipe repair takes time, consumes valuable resources and is harsh on the environment. Now with no dig pipe repair systems like epros®, QUICKLOCK and UV pipe relining, Allpipe Technologies send a mobile team diagnose and repair problems faster without costing the earth.

Quicklock System

Specially developed pneumatic packers carry the stainless steel sleeve to the damaged area, guided by a trained operator monitoring CCTV. Once in place the packers expand the sleeve, locking it permanently in place with an integrated ratchet system.


Epros System

The epros® DrainPacker delivers a specially designed fibreglass mat impregnated with a strong resin to repair sections of damaged underground pipe. Because it uses compressed air to fit the fibreglass mat, the DrainPacker delivery system can seal off regular or egg-shaped pipe sections from 0.5 to 5 metres, or longer using a method of overlapping.


UV Cured Pipe Repair

uv pipe relining repair perth

Using a special resin liner cured in place with UV light, this low-impact relining method is quick and easy on the environment.

The UV cured pipe relining process starts with the installation of glass-reinforced liner. CCTV cameras are used to ensure the lining is wrinkle-free. A UV light train is then pulled through the pipe to cure the liner.


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