Pipe Rehabilitation Using ‘No Dig’ Technology

Allpipe Technologies is a business that ‘Provides the Pipeline Solution’ having the most up-to-date Trenchless Technology equipment and the added bonus of a wealth of experience in this specialised sector. This allows a project delivery you can trust.

Quicklock System

QUICKLOCK is a German-engineered, compression-based trenchless repair system for rehabilitating existing Sewer & Stormwater pipelines.

The QUICKLOCK system is made of stainless steel sleeves surrounded by a seamless EPDM rubber compression gasket, which are expanded (in position) to the optimal pressure with their QUICKLOCK packer, and locked permanently in place by an integrated ratchet mechanism. The specially developed, pneumatically operated packers are selected depending on the sleeve size and positioned at the damaged section of pipe using a modified CCTV system. QUICKLOCK sleeves can be used as an isolated point-repair, overlapped to cover longer sections of damaged pipe, or even used to compliment other lining systems.


Epros System

The epros®DrainPacker repair system by Trelleborg Pipe Seals is a sectional or point repair method for all types of wastewater, sewer and drainage pipes. The system uses epros®SilicateResins and chemically resistant, non-corroding fiberglass.

The epros®DrainPacker method is suitable for the sectional repair of buried, damaged gravity sewer pipes and pressurized pipelines. The process provides structural repair with a frictional fit in the sewer pipes of public and private sewerage systems.


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