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epros® Pipe Repair

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What is the epros® System?

The innovative epros® system is a method of trenchless pipe repair suitable for buried sewer pipes, pipes underneath buildings, and pressurised pipes.

Allpipe Technologies use the no dig epros® system to achieve fast, effective repairs on damaged pipes and joints. With specialist technician operating the epros® DrainPacker system we can repair pipes in a fraction of the time of traditional pipe repair, saving cost and minimising disruption.

How does the epros® DrainPacker system work?

The epros® DrainPacker delivers a specially designed fibreglass mat impregnated with a strong resin to repair sections of damaged underground pipe. Because it uses compressed air to fit the fibreglass mat, the DrainPacker delivery system can seal off regular or egg-shaped pipe sections from 0.5 to 5 metres, or longer using a method of overlapping.

Pipes with a diameter DN35 to DN1200 (35mm/1.4in to 1200mm/48in) can be repaired without need to replace underground pipes.

Once cured, the fibreglass is designed to handle extreme temperatures and pressures, making it an ideal solution for gravity sewer pipes and pressurised pipes. The resin/fibreglass compound covers the entire damaged area, reinforcing the pipe without disrupting service flow.

What are the benefits of the epros® system?

Unlike traditional pipe repair, this trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology allows for easy access and fast repairs to underground services. epros® delivers many benefits for private and public underground pipes:

  • Adaptable to a range of pipe sizes
  • Remains effective for a long time due to high quality materials
  • Able to repair damaged pipes, joints and cross-sections
  • Saves time, money and mess compared to traditional pipe repair
  • epros® resin adheres to pipes made of concrete, iron, plastic, asbestos cement, clay and more

At Allpipe Technologies we use the epros® system to repair damaged and deteriorating underground pipes in a wide range of situations. From household sewers to public pressurised pipes, epros® is a versatile and effective pipe rehabilitation solution.