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UV Cured Pipeline Relining

What is UV Cured Pipeline Relining?

UV lined CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) or UV Cured Pipe Relining, is the modern, trenchless evolution of traditional CIPP pipe relining services. Unlike those conventional methods, which often require trenches and use heat with water and steam, UV lined CIPP utilises ultraviolet light to cure the resin inside the liner.

Sewer rehabilitation using iMPREGLiner and UV curing is one of the quickest and most cost-effective no dig pipe repair procedures on the market.

UV Pipe Relining: how does this pipe relining service work?

The UV cured pipe relining process starts with the installation of glass-reinforced liner. CCTV cameras are used to ensure the lining is wrinkle-free. A UV light train is then pulled through the pipe to cure the liner.

uv pipe relining in perth

How is UV Pipe Relining different from other pipe relining services?

Installation requires specialist liners and equipment. Liners consist of glass layers with foils and barriers within an encapsulated barrier. UV lining service providers require a conveyor unit, telescopic boom, inflation equipment and a light-curing train of the appropriate size. The pipe relining process is computer-monitored to ensure consistent curing throughout the length of the pipe.

What are the benefits of UV Lined CIPP?

UV Lined CIPP brings with it a number of advantages, including:

  • Low impact on the environment. Unlike traditional pipe relining services, UV lined CIPP produces fewer emissions, uses no water and produces no gases.
  • Provides a trenchless solution, requiring no digging, thus reducing the impact on your client’s property.
  • In the hands of specialist service provider, the process is a quick, easy and cost effective.
  • The process utilises continuous cure cycling monitoring, ensuring complete consistency of application.

UV lined CIPP is the ultimate low impact, trenchless pipe relining solution for your pipe rehabilitation projects. It’s ideal for situations where it’s important to protect sensitive or tricky spaces such as driveways, gardens and pools. Contact us today for a quote.