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Borehole Inspection and Defect Location

Pipe defects can strike at any time, in almost any location. Dealing with those challenges in the conventional way requires a great deal of time, labour and money – a trench must be dug, and each inch of pipework inspected manually. At Allpipe Technologies, we have a better solution. Our pipe defect locating and repair service offers pinpoint precision in a fraction of the time, all with no need for trenching.

How Our Pipe Defect Locating and Repair Service Works

The key to our service is the use of advanced CCTV units with embedded location technology. This provides two key advantages. The CCTV camera on each unit offers a clear, accurate, full-colour view of the blockage in question. This allows us to accurately identify the problem within the pipe, whether that is a collapse, or build-up of sediment, grease, sludge or some other material.

Second, the location transmitter within the CCTV unit constantly broadcasts its exact coordinates. This allows a ground-level receiver to pinpoint where the break, collapse or damage is within the pipe. Based on this, digging only needs to occur exactly above the problem area, reducing the time and cost involved with remediation.

From that point, we can offer a range of repair options, from high-pressure water jetting to relining and more.

Pipe Diameters

At Allpipe Technologies, we’re equipped to offer pipe defect locating and repair for virtually any size pipe, from very narrow pipes to very wide pipes, and even storm drains and sewer systems.

Borehole Inspections

Reasons to Inspect Boreholes, Wells, Piles and Other Installations

We work with clients in the well-drilling, natural gas, mining, and energy sector to accurately assess the health of boreholes, wells and other installations. Inspections are important for many reasons, including to determine current conditions, and to prevent failures through preventative maintenance.

Inspections can also be valuable to ensure compliance, as well as to verify the removal of debris or obstructions. Inspections are also required in new installations to verify quality of work, and can be important for monitoring geological conditions, water quality and more.

Our Borehole Inspection Technology

At Allpipe Technologies, we utilise advanced borehole inspection technology. Our cameras are specially designed and feature a 360-degree swivel head to provide a full view of every inch of borehole, well or pile surface. In addition, our system can descend up to 200 metres without interruption.

Our Team

While our borehole inspection technology is a vital consideration, our experienced operators are perhaps our most valuable assets. All borehole inspections are carried out by fully trained professionals in conjunction with geotech personnel.

Full Colour Results

The video footage and photographs that result from our inspection are in full colour and are highly detailed, providing you with the insight you need.

Interested in learning more about our borehole inspection capabilities? Call us today on (08) 6305 0864 to schedule an appointment.

We invite you to contact us today by calling (08) 6305 0864 to learn more about our services, or to schedule a same-day appointment.