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Pipe and Cable Locating

Pipe and cable location is a vital consideration in a range of industries, from paving to construction to storm drain or sewer installation. Without access to accurate pipe and cable location information, it is possible to encounter (and damage) water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, electrical lines and more. Our pipe and cable locating service ensures this does not occur, and that your project is able to get underway quickly.

How Our Service Is Different

With conventional pipe and cable locating services, there is a significant chance that digging will be required, particularly if accurate schematics from the original pipe or cable installation are not available. Our pipe and cable locating service is different, and requires no trenching.

Depending on the situation, installation area, and type of piping or cabling in question, our expert staff members can use hand-held locators that identify metallic pipes and cables up to 400 millimetres belowground.

If needed, we can also deploy indoor or outdoor ground penetrating radar (GPR). We also offer sonde locators to accurately track, measure and locate pipes and conduits.

Types of Pipes and Cable We Can Locate

At Allpipe Technologies, we’ve developed pie and cable locating procedures that work for virtually any type of pipe, conduit, or cable, including the following:

  • Storm water drains
  • Electric lines
  • Water lines
  • Gas lines
  • Concrete rebar
  • Post tension cables
  • Sewer lines
  • Telecommunication cables

In addition to identifying and locating pipes and cables, we can also locate voids within the inspection area.

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