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QUICKLOCK Trenchless Pipe Repair

quicklock system - trenchless pipe rehabilitation

What is the QUICKLOCK system?

QUICKLOCK is a compression based no dig pipe repair system representing the very best in German engineering. Made from high quality stainless steel and EDPM rubber, and installed without the use of resins, chemicals or glues the QUICKLOCK system is highly effective in pipe rehabilitation for sewers, water pipes and even drinking water delivery.

Allpipe Technologies employ the QUICKLOCK trenchless pipe repair system to provide a safe, effective and non-destructive solution to underground pipe damage.

How does the QUICKLOCK system work?

Specially developed pneumatic packers carry the stainless steel sleeve to the damaged area, guided by a trained operator monitoring CCTV. Once in place the packers expand the sleeve, locking it permanently in place with an integrated ratchet system.

QUICKLOCK does not require extra adhesives or fixtures; instead the system creates a highly effective reinforcement by expanding to the exact pressure required by the damaged pipe. Sleeves come in 400mm, 485mm or 500mm lengths with varying diameters from 145mm to 762mm.

Larger pipes can be repaired using the QUICKLOCK BIG system, with sleeves ranging from 800mm up to 1600mm.

What are the benefits of the QUICKLOCK system?

QUICKLOCK can be used as a point repair system or overlapped to create a longer repair. It can also complement other linings for additional reinforcement. The system has several benefits for both public and private pipes:

  • Installed using no dig technology for minimal disruption
  • Fast, secure and immediately effective repairs with minimal preparation
  • Variable lengths and diameters make QUICKLOCK a versatile system
  • More than 15 years in the market proves its effectiveness
  • Stainless steel and seamless EDPM rubber design minimise health risks

QUICKLOCK is a fast, highly effective trenchless pipe rehabilitation solution. Only a specialised operator like Allpipe Technologies can install QUICKLOCK effectively. Using a remote monitoring CCTV system, our highly trained operators repair damage to inaccessible pipes without disturbing the surface, for a cost-effective and long lasting solution.