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CCTV Pipe Inspection

At Allpipe Technologies, we work with energy, sewer, natural gas, telecommunications and water industries to provide clear reporting on pipe integrity, blockages, damage, and more. We utilise advanced, high-tech CCTV units and employ experienced, professionally trained CCTV operators.

Our CCTV Pipe Inspection Technology

Our CCTV units are state of the art, capable of traversing pipes ranging from as narrow as 20 mm, all the way up to three metres in diameter. This ensures that we can provide a clear, accurate picture of piping conditions no matter the type of piping in question. This allows us to locate blockages, the condition of the infrastructure, the type of damage sustained by the piping, and the location of bends and junctions.

Uninterrupted Surveys

We offer CCTV pipe inspection surveys that can continue uninterrupted for up to 500 metres. This ensures a faster process, with no interruptions. That allows us to identify and repair the issue far faster than would otherwise be possible.

How the CCTV Footage Is Used

The footage from our CCTV pipe inspection units is recorded to USB, and play a central role in remediation efforts, allowing you to identify and confirm issues within pipe works, including the precise location of blockages, damage and/or piping failure. It also ensures you know precisely the length and type of pipe that must be replaced, and are informed about bends, junctions and other critical considerations.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our CCTV pipe inspection service, or to schedule an appointment. In many cases, we can provide same-day services. Call us on (08) 6305 0864.