What are the benefits of a CCTV Pipe inspection?

• Precisely locate pipe blockages, breaks, leaks, tree roots, corrosion and other damage.

• Diagnose issues immediately via the monitor

• Safely identify pipe issues without the need to excavate

• Give clients a video recording of damage and repair reports

When do you need a CCTV pipe inspection?

CCTV pipe inspections can be carried out once issues have occurred, however, they can be used as a preventative measure as well. Signs you need a CCTV pipe inspection may include:

• Recurring blockages and flooding

• Bad odours and gurgling noises

• Routine pipe checks

• Cracking on exterior walls or movement of retaining walls

What are the advantages of UV pipe relining?

• Provides a long-lasting fix and improves the interior of a pipe without the need to dig a trench.

• Causes minimal disruption and inconvenience.

• A much more cost-effective method compared to pipe replacement.

• Increases the life span of the pipe by reinforcing the interior of the pipe.

What kind of pipes can be rehabilitated with UV Cured Pipe Relining?

UV Pipe Relining can be used to rehabilitate pipes of all different shapes and sizes. At Allpipe Technologies, we can reline traditional circular pipes as well as rectangle, arched and oval pipes. We can also work with a range of pipe materials such as clay, steel, plastic and concrete.