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The Reasons why a CCTV Drain Inspection is the Right Option for your Pipes, Explained by Allpipe Technologies


There’s nothing worse than dealing with a blocked drainpipe, whether it be in your home or workplace, it can make the area not only unhygienic but also a costly and disruptive experience. This is where the benefits of a CCTV drain inspection really comes in handy, and we have compiled a list of reasons how a CCTV drain inspection can benefit you.

First off, What is a CCTV drain inspection?

A CCTV drain inspection uses a highly advanced closed-circuit television system that is deployed into piping that is otherwise normally hard to reach. the high-end cameras can spot defects and deterioration and also provide a full structural integrity report, more info on how the footage is used can be found here.

Why a CCTV Drain inspection is effective

When it comes to unearthing any issues hidden within your drainage pipes, a CCTV camera inspection utilises technology that allows you to see all imperfections and/or structural damage within the pipe being inspected.

The CCTV cameras can provide a high-resolution clear image of the objects or damage responsible for the blockage, which then makes it easier for experts to identify the most suitable solution.

With this technology, any imperfections and damage within the structure of the drainpipe can be located and inspected visually with ease. For a more detailed explanation of How a CCTV inspection provides an overall pipe condition report, check out our services page.

Aside from accurate and clear imagery, another benefit of CCTV drain inspections is that Allpipe Technologies have a range of CCTV camera sizes, meaning we are able to inspect everything from small drain pipes to large sewer pipes.

Providing a more accurate insight into Perth’s pipes

The diagnosis is not only quick, but also extremely accurate. Experienced technicians use the technology to produce a crystal-clear image of the overall internal pipe structure and are thus able to detect any problems in real time. In addition to this, the inspection process is recorded and can show you exactly what went wrong.

A CCTV inspection now can save you time and hassle later

The CCTV drain inspection not only helps with identifying the current issue but can also give an indicator on any future issues that may arise later and act as a preventative measure. These inspections help eliminate the guesswork involved by being able to determine the root cause of drain blockages quicker than traditional plumbing inspections.

A non-invasive and environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution

As stated previously, the CCTV drain inspection units rely on the use of cameras to inspect the condition of your pipes, meaning there is no need to dig up buried drainage pipes to inspect them.

This is not only beneficial to the environmental area around the blocked pipes, but also saves on the costs of having to excavate the problem area.

Signs you may need a CCTV drainpipe inspection

Common signs can include recurring blockages and flooding, bad odours, and flooding and cracking on exterior walls/movement of retaining walls. Whilst CCTV pipe inspections can be carried out for a current issue, they can also be employed as a preventative measure, opting for a CCTV drainpipe inspection as a routine pipe check now, could potentially save your pipes in the future.

So if you’ve noticed anything strange with your pipes, or if you want to ensure their structural integrity for the future, feel free to contact us and get a quote today.