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Using QUICKLOCK to prevent a sinkhole in Perth


Sinkhole Prevention

We recently assisted with the pipe inspections for the City of Subiaco which manages over 100km of pipeline in Perth.

During our inspections on March 10th of this year, we surveyed a storm water pipe located under one of Subiaco’s busiest intersections. We discovered a void that, if left unnoticed, would become a potential sinkhole – halting traffic and causing the intersection to be out of action for days.

After discussions with the City of Subiaco, we decided to apply a preventative measure and repair the void with the Quicklock system.

The Quicklock System

The Quicklock method is an innovative repair system that provides a safe, effective and non-destructive solution to underground pipe damage.

Our highly trained team used remote controlled CCTV cameras to navigate the pipes under the Subiaco intersection and install a stainless steel Quicklock sleeve to seal the void. The stainless steel sleeve was put in place, expanded and fixed in place permanently – repairing the pipe from the inside.

This method provides a quick and cost-effective trenchless alternative to traditional pipe repair.

The void was repaired within a 24 hour window and the traffic in the busy intersection flowed as per normal with very minimal disruptions.

This story was featured in the June 2020 edition of Trenchless Australasia – A quarterly publication with news and updates on the trenchless technology industry in Australasia.