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The Importance of CCTV Pipe Inspections for Councils in Western Australia


Councils all over Western Australia are currently facing booms in construction, with the mounting government assistance packages being dispersed to help stimulate the economy. With the abundance of new land developments and subdivisions only growing, resulting in the need for increased infrastructure such as roads and storm drains, it is important that standards of quality are consistently and determinedly maintained when it comes to the installation of new pipelines.

It is crucial that all new pipelines are thoroughly examined and monitored for their viability. Defects within new pipeline can result in extremely costly issues for Councils down the track.

Allpipe Technologies have worked closely with councils in Western Australia in the past, and both parties have found that the use of CCTV pipe inspections have become an extremely valuable asset within the industry.

CCTV pipe inspections utilise closed-circuit cameras, to access narrow and buried pipes and sewer systems, to ascertain the issue within the pipes, in a remote and non-invasive way. The step-by-step process of CCTV pipe inspection is explained thoroughly in the Allpipe Technology article, linked here.

In our previous associations with Western Australian councils, our team has found that new pipelines can face critical defects including:

  • Cracks and fractures in pipelines that cause leakage
  • Blockages that can result in pipes bursting or backing up
  • Defective sealant rings that can cause leakages
  • Infiltration of the pipes by roots

If these defect are not quickly found, and fixed, they could result in serious problems for councils. These could include:

  • The development of sinkholes where pipes have leaked into the soil and washed it away
  • The leakage or bursting of pipes leading to erosion or scouring of soil, which may impact not only the natural ecosystem, but also the stability of nearby infrastructure
  • The advent of flooding, if a pipe is burst or leaking, it can inundate the surrounding area with water, this could be a serious safety hazard for the public
  • Pipelines with improper drainage can cause the over saturation of soil, which can lead to many issues, including the accumulation of high levels of sediment (including litter) which could lead to public health and safety concerns.

All of the issues listed here, represent high costs incurred for the council involved in fixing the problem. In order for Western Australian councils to have complete peace of mind that their new pipelines are meeting all quality specifications, the use of CCTV pipe inspection for all pipeline and storm drain inspections in Perth, is crucial.

Allpipe Technology provides extremely thorough reporting on the state of newly laid pipelines and storm drains, and have established their reputation as indispensable within the industry and the construction process. Their investigations into past land developments and subdivisions have formed the basis for specification documents utilised by some councils in Western Australian, to implement the high quality of their work as the industry standard.

For West Australian councils looking to heighten the standards of pipeline work in their region, please do not hesitate to call Allpipe Technologies on 08 6305 0864, or visit our website: