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Step-by-Step Process of CCTV Pipe Inspection


CCTV pipe inspection helps locate and assess blockages, leaks and pipe damage in places normal cameras can’t go.

These innovative video tools help homeowners and businesses to identify and rectify hidden pipe issues caused by deterioration, intrusion or weather.

CCTV pipe inspection Is the most effective tool to pinpoint and address defects in pipelines such as sewers and water pipes.

What is CCTV pipe inspection?

CCTV pipe inspection perth - allpipe technologies

CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are used in a variety of ways; you are probably most familiar with the technology in security cameras.

The same technology provides an innovative solution for water and sewer service providers to access narrow and buried pipes and sewer systems.

Pipes from 70mm to 3m in diameter can be accessed remotely and a video stream sent to the monitoring station.

No matter the pipe conditions, the high-end cameras can spot defects and deterioration. From there we confirm the problem and plan for no-dig pipe repair.


How CCTV pipe inspection works

CCTV pipe inspection employs robotic camera equipment controlled by a skilled CCTV qualified operator specialising in this type of work.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify the problem area

To ascertain exactly what the problem is we need as much information as you can give us about history of blockages, sinkholes and root intrusion.

As pipeline rehabilitation specialists, we can help if you’re not sure where to start.

  1. Access the pipes

Most water pipes and sewers run underground with an above-ground access point. We will insert the camera through that access, possibly employing a robotic crawler if space permits. If there are no visible access points, we can use our state of the art location devices to identify buried access openings.

  1. Identify the problem

Using high-end camera equipment and an eagle eye, our team has a clear picture of the pipe. We assess its condition, identify any cracks, breaks and junctions, and locate blockages.

  1. Monitor and assess
    camera inspection with cctv pipe inspection camera - allpipe technologies

The CCTV pipe inspection footage is recorded on the latest pipeline inspection and Asset Management software – WINCAN VX. This software will produce a detailed PDF report detailing all defects identified with accurate measurements and HD pictures. This allows for certainty on the location and state of damage, as well as the length of pipe that needs replacing.

  1. Remediation

Our specialised trenchless team will work with you on a no-dig pipe repair plan wherever possible to rectify the issue with minimal service disruption.

Our expertise includes high pressure water pipes, sewer systems, and all manner of pipes from residential and strata through to commercial and industrial.

State of the art equipment

Allpipe Technologies uses the latest CCTV pipe inspection equipment capable of traversing narrow, dangerous and deep areas.

Our expert CCTV operators control the units remotely, monitoring every millimetre of the pipe for suspected problems.

With a 600m range providing uninterrupted video stream we can – as our name suggests – access all pipe environments with industry leading robotic camera technology.

Who needs CCTV pipe inspections?

CCTV pipe inspections facilitate efficient and non-destructive remediation in many situations:

  • Hidden pipe blockages
  • Cracked or deteriorated pipes
  • Sewer system leak emergencies
  • Suspected underground pipe leaks
  • Tree roots encroaching on pipes
  • Misaligned junctions and bends
  • Pipe quality assessment
  • Corrosion analysis

Interested in learning more about drain CCTV in Perth, or want to see the process in action? Contact Allpipe Technologies, Perth’s CCTV and trenchless technology specialists.