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Water Jetting Technology: Drain Cleaning in a Time Efficient and Eco-Friendly Way


In these crazy times, just when life from Perth, all the way to the Pilbara, is returning to normal, the last thing that we want to be worrying about is a faulty drain or a clogged pipe.

The everyday operations of our businesses and the maintenance of our homes have been stalled enough by restrictions in the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, if your property, commercial or private, faces an issue with sewage and drainage, you need the quickest and cleanest solution. At Allpipe Technologies, we can provide this efficient solution in the form of our water jetting technology. Drain cleaning shouldn’t have to include harmful chemicals or disrupting excavations. High pressure water jetting equipment can be utilised by our expert team to clean and correct any issues that may arise in your drains or sewage pipelines. This way, plumbing does not get in the way of your potential!

What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

The Power of Water

We can see the power of water in many different instances around the world. Whether it be the power of waves to erode sky-scraping cliffs or the global growth of hydroelectric technology as a sustainable form of energy. However, in our case, we harness the power of water to cut through absolutely anything that may be causing a blockage in your pipelines. It may be hard to believe that water could achieve a high enough level of pressure, to be capable of such feats. We recommend you check out this fun five-minute video from the Waterjet Youtube Channel, displaying the ability of a small, concentrated jet of water to cut a steel anvil, in half. Isn’t that incredible?

The equipment utilised by the team at Allpipe Technologies engages the same basic elements as that of the water jet shown in the video. The nozzle and head attachments available are incredibly diverse and flexible, and can be adjusted by our team to suit a wide range of pipe sizes and configurations. As you can imagine, if a steel anvil is no match for the high pressure water, then tree roots, sediment, sewage sludge, grease build up, or storm debris are a cake-walk for this technology.

Why is Water jetting the right choice for my home or business?

Time Efficient and Trenchless

The extreme power of the water jetting equipment means that the process of clearing your pipes is extremely efficient. We can quickly identify the problem utilising our push camera technology or our CCTV inspection equipment then from there, our expert team clears out the entire pipe, end to end, removing any obstructions.

Essentially, a forward-facing water jet cuts through the blockage, followed by the backward facing jet, which scours the dislodged blockage out of the pipeline, cleaning the 360 degrees of the pipe. All debris or contaminates are disposed of safely, removed by our vacuum technology.

The procedure is budget-friendly, as the speediness of the process results in the cutting down of costs of labour, in comparison to other chemical or trench-involved approaches. We let the technology do the work for us.

Easy on The Environment

By utilising Water jetting technology to clear up issues with your pipelines, you are not only doing yourself a favour, but you’re also doing one for the environment. Some companies utilise chemical solutions to run through your pipes and dissolve sediment, sludge and invading roots. These chemical products are inevitably toxic, and if misused, can cause harm to humans. Not to mention, the environment. Such chemicals can pervade surrounding soil, and leak into waterways that flow underground. This could potentially create imbalance in delicate ecosystems, and therefore have very serious long term implication.

As addressed by The Cleanweb Initiative, depending on the individual situation, it is also possible, for water utilised in these process to be recycled and reused. Therefore, there is a very low degree of wastage. This is an integral factor in a drought prone land, such as ours.

Water jetting technology has transformed many industries, from aerospace to art production, and from mass food preparation to military engineering. The unparalleled precision and power, lowered risk of heat related injuries, and eco-friendly nature, makes Water jetting a very appealing, scalable technology. Allpipe Technologies has not been afraid to take full advantage of such innovation.

For a quote regarding how water jetting technology can help in clearing up your drain and pipe problems, or for more information, get in touch via our website or call (08) 6305 0864.