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Allpipe Technologies blockage inspection: Fatberg discovery!


Every so often during a blockage inspection our CCTV cameras discover something unusual lurking beneath city streets.

And that’s precisely what happened when Allpipe Technologies, together with the Water Corporation, carried out CCTV pipe inspections in Perth and Brunswick.

What we discovered were “fatbergs”-  mass Roots and Blockages also known as “pipe monsters”.

“Pipe Monsters” are not entirely uncommon during a blockage inspection, however the size of these pipe monsters surprised even our highly experienced CCTV operators.

Thankfully our team was able to extract the blockage and repair damaged pipes with low-impact trenchless pipeline solutions, saving cost and safeguarding the surrounding environment.

The elimination of the South-West fatberg is a big win for Allpipe Technologies and the Water Corporation.

What is a fatberg?

When fats, oils and grease are flushed down pipes they start to cool and congeal. The resulting build-up of solids – often comprising other matter that should not have found its way into Perth’s pipes – this causes blockages and damage.

Fatbergs are found all around the world when people flush grease and oils down sinks or deposit wet wipes and other items into pipes instead of disposing of it correctly.

During a recent condition inspection in Brunswick, in the state’s South West, Allpipe Technologies CCTV pipe inspectors encountered alarmingly oversized fatbergs and blockages that were threatening the integrity of essential wastewater services.

The discovery made headlines in the region: watch the news report from GWN7 here.

Once it was discovered as the source of the blockage, our team were able to deploy trenchless pipeline solutions direct from our state-of-the-art mobile inspection van.

Allpipe Technologies: CCTV solutions for blockage inspections

cctv pipe blockage inspectioncctv pipe inspections - allpipe technologies perth wa

Allpipe Technologies have pipeline solutions to identify, eliminate and repair blocked and damaged pipes in virtually all scenarios.

Our CCTV pipe inspection capabilities are always improving, and our skilled operators are the best in the business which is why Water Corporation choose to work with our team over any other.

To undertake the fatberg discovery mission, we used an all-new robotic camera unit with a cutting-edge camera featuring 10x optical and 32x digital zoom, powerful 840-lumen lighting rig and super HD display, all in a compact rig capable of inspecting 600m of pipe.

The new remote-operated camera makes blockage inspections safer, less costly for the client and environment, and more efficient.

In the total darkness of underground pipes even a fatberg can be difficult to locate, let alone more subtle signs of damage.

Allpipe Technologies are trusted by clients all around Western Australia to provide the highest calibre drain inspections, thanks to our innovative equipment and experienced operators.

Recently we have been contracted to perform CCTV blockage inspections and provide pipeline solutions right across regional WA including Bunbury, Mount Barker, Gnowangerup Collie, Manjimup, Albany, Kojonup, Brunswick, Northam, Karratha, Wyndham.

We also routinely inspect Perth CBD wastewater pipes, as well as offering a huge range of services to clients in the metro area.

Fatbergs, rubbish, damaged pipes, and even basketballs: just another day in the office for Allpipe Technologies.