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So, What is Trenchless Pipe Repair?


Underground services like water pipes, sewers and irrigation systems can deteriorate below our feet without us having any idea – until it’s too late. In the past, repairing and replacing pipes meant digging up sections of road or earth to access the problem.

Thankfully no more. With trenchless pipe repair technology we can gain access to buried services without disturbing the ground. That means less disruption to traffic, no need to tear up your front yard, and more efficient repairs carried out by our no dig pipe repair specialists.

Why trenchless pipe repair works

Traditional pipe repair takes time, consumes valuable resources and is harsh on the environment. Now with no dig pipe repair systems like epros®, QUICKLOCK and UV relining, Allpipe Technologies send a mobile team diagnose and repair problems faster without costing the earth.

Types of trenchless pipe repair

So how does it work? As with all industrial maintenance, the repair solution depends on the problem we are facing. We have three no dig pipe repair methods at our disposal:

epros® System

epros® sectional repair is a clean, effective solution for repair work in 0.5 to 5-metre sections of buried sewer pipes and pressurised pipelines. Using the DrainPacker delivery system we bond an incredibly tough fibreglass mat to the inside of the damaged pipe. Once cured, the epros® is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures.


German-engineered QUICKLOCK sleeves, made of the toughest stainless steel, are put in place using an innovative compression method and secured with an integrated ratchet mechanism. No chemicals, resins or glues are required for QUICKLOCK to work which makes it an ideal solution to strengthen and repair pipes.

UV Cured Pipe Repair

UV cured relining or CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) looks like something out of a science-fiction movie. In reality it is a highly effective and surprisingly affordable trenchless pipe repair method. Using a special resin liner cured in place with UV light, this low-impact relining method is quick and easy on the environment.

50 year manufactures warranty for all repairs

Allpipe Technologies: Perth’s no dig pipe repair experts

Trenchless pipe repair is a modern solution for an age-old problem: how to minimise disruption to essential services while carrying out repairs. At Allpipe Technologies we are highly skilled in providing cost effective solutions for the toughest technical challenges.

Allpipe Technologies  are trusted by organisations like Water Corporation, City of Perth and Main Roads WA to carry out trenchless pipe repair below the busy Perth streets.

Next time you see our van on the road, know that we are constantly innovating to keep services flowing without roadworks disrupting your day.