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UV Cured Pipe Relining: Smart & Sustainable Pipe Rehabilitation



When it comes to pipe rehabilitation, more and more responsible clients are demanding sustainable, cost-effective and efficient solutions which minimise the overall environmental footprint while at the same time eliminating adverse impacts on the local environment.

What is UV Cured Pipe Relining?

UV Cured Pipe Relining or UV lined CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) is the modern no-dig evolution of traditional pipe relining services. Where conventional methods use heat with water and steam, UV cured pipe repair utilises ultraviolet light to cure the resin inside the liner.

Faster, cleaner, friendlier

The process is not only simpler and faster to implement. It’s also a low-impact method that is cleaner and friendlier to the environment than traditional methods.

Here’s a few of the reasons why:


    • Because the UV curing process doesn’t rely on steam, it avoids the need for the heavy water equipment that is required for pumping and heating. This helps to reduce emissions and minimises the impact on the client’s and neighbouring properties
    • The Allpipe Technologies UV relining service is a trenchless solution, which provides no dig pipe repair. Digging can be both expensive and destructive. UV Cured Pipe Relining eliminates this problem, which means there will be no impact on those areas where it matters most, such as lawns and garden beds, under driveways or close to pools. In a similar vein, the equipment used during UV curing is lightweight and easily portable – another key advantage for those tricky spots.
    • Unlike traditional methods, UV pipe curing does not produce gases which workers and residents need to be protected from. The odour and impact of the heated resin used to coat the pipes is minimized by the fully-encapsulated lining, which provides a seal which limits potential harm. Also, there is no opportunity for the resin to migrate into the sewer system and, because UV curing does not rely on heat, the effects of the resins are further minimised.
    • There’s no concern about causing damage to existing PVC pipe with the excess heat that’s used in other methods.
    • The stronger but thinner material allows minimal impact on the existing sewer capacity. The high-strength fiberglass properties result in thinner pipe walls which require less resin and provide greater hydraulic capacity.

Need more information?

Allpipe Technologies are specialist providers of UV Cured Pipe Relining services. Our process uses iMPREGLiner and UV curing and is one of the quickest and most cost-effective no dig pipe repair procedures on the market. Once UV curing is completed, you’ll effectively have a brand-new pipe within the old one.

If you’d like to learn more about the Allpipe Technologies cured in place pipe lining service please contact us for further information.